QuickTry Introduction

QuickTry is an AI-based virtual try-on service for earrings.
The user will try to put on the earrings sold in the online shopping mall in advance,
Then choose and purchase the product that best suits you.

QuickTry virtual try-on services can also be used in offline stores, advertising media, etc.

QuickTry App

QuickTry is a dedicated app for virtual try-on service

After downloading and installing the app,
Scan your earring product QR code or enter a number to try it on virtually immediately.

Download App

QuickTry Server

Server for registering earring products to be worn virtually and generating QR codes.

QR code is automatically generated when the earring product image, actual size, and pin location is registered to the server.

Insert the generated QR code image or link into the shopping mall product page..

How to Register Earrings

QR code Scan

If you scan or enter the number of the product QR code inserted in the shopping mall, the virtual try-on screen will appear.

The QuickTry app makes it easy for users to virtually try-on a variety of products anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Virtual try-on

QuickTry shows real-time face recognition virtual try-on video based on AI, not face and product image synthesis.

You can take a picture of the virtual try-on video and share it with your friends.

How to use QuickTry

QuickTry Partner

Download App

Download and install Quicktry app.

If you can't go to the app download site, search "Quicktry" in the app store.

QuickTry Server Connection

If you want to use QuickTry Virtual try-on Service, please connect to the server address below.

QuickTry Server Connection